Have you ever joined a gym, paid membership dues and maybe, a new member fee, and never could find the time to fully use this membership? The complexities of rearranging your schedule and driving to the gym can add extra unnecessary stress to your already busy life. Instead of spending your money on a heavily under-used gym membership, you can spend the same amount or less to set up your own home gym on a budget.

You probably already know what type of workouts you are interested in including in your workout plan. It was important for me to introduce variety into my workout routine, save space, and include good abs equipment. Based on my experience of creating a home gym that doesn’t cost a fortune, I created a list below. Equipment pieces recommended below won’t take up too much space. Even if you have one corner in a room for you home gym, that’s really all you need. The best part is being able to work out any time of the day without breaking the bank or getting out of the house.

In fact, you will need less than $200 to set it up. With the equipment listed below you can do cardio, strength training, abs exercises, and stretching or yoga. If you already have some of these items, just remove them from the list.


A jump rope and hula-hoop are great pieces of beginner cardio equipment. Jogging in the park or taking a walk with a friend will nicely compliment your home exercise routine.

Strength Training

Dumbbell set and resistance band is all you need to train all major muscles and introduce strength training into your workout.


This sit-up bench is great for abs and core exercises. It comes with a free app with face recognition technology that helps you track your workout. And it took me only 15 minutes to set it up! To add variety to your workout, you can use dumbbells in conjunction with the sit-up bench. Finally, a balance ball is another great way to vary your workouts.

Stretching and Yoga

Stretching is an essential part of a good fitness routine. All you need is a yoga mat and comfortable yoga pants! Any pants will do in fact, if you are doing it in the privacy of your home.

Total Cost

It might be hard to believe, but the total cost of all this equipment is $179.72. Splitting this amount over 12 months, it’s less than $15 a month. Compare it to the membership dues in your gym. If working out at the convenience of your own home is important for you, consider setting up a home gym.

When you are done, snap a picture of your new home gym and share it on our Facebook page. We would love to see what you’ve done!

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