Today, we want navigation to be easy, accurate, and preferably fun. There is an app for that! Waze is a navigation app that is based on the concept of collaboration. Waze community of users can modify the app and drop pins about current events on the road. In response to their suggestions, the route is being adjusted in real time, making it the best app to avoid traffic and delays. We are here to argue that Waze is the best navigation app for students.

Let’s look through several of its main features.

Community Pins and Edits

Helping each other out is the foundation of Waze community. Drivers and passengers can easily report traffic, police cars, accidents, hazards on road, traffic cameras, and road closures. These reports help to modify everyone else’s commute in real time.

Gas Prices

Adding a stop in Waze is very intuitive. There are groups of popular stops that people make, like gas stations, for example. The app will show you gas stations that are really close to your route. Moreover, it will show you gas prices right next to it. It is like having a GasBuddy and Google Maps make a baby!

Neat Voices

In the settings, one can find voices from the upcoming movies. For a few months, Morgan Freeman’s voice was available. His soothing voice can make anyone feel better. Also, just before the latest Terminator came out in the theaters, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s voice was available. No kidding! All the fun phrases like “Hasta la vista, baby” and “I’ll be back” could be a part of your daily commute.


Spotify is now built into Waze. The icon in the upper right corner opens your Spotify account within Waze. There is no need to switch between the apps anymore. It makes listening to music easier and safer. By the way, have you listened to our uplifting music playlist on Spotify yet?

Synced Calendar Events and Planned Drives

By syncing your Waze account with your calendar, you only need to open one application and click on scheduled events to start driving there. Moreover, planned drives allow you to see expected traffic at that time, schedule a drive at a specific time, and be notified when the time comes.

Seeing Friends Arrive

Whenever a group of friends are arriving at the same location, the app will show their Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) automatically. It will not show your actual location, unless you set it to be available to friends.

Similarly, one can simply share their ETA information directly from Waze.


With Waze, everyone can schedule to be picked up or be available as a driver. To schedule a pickup, you will need to download an app called Waze Carpool. To pick up a passenger, there is an icon in the lower right corner. Waze will calculate how much the passenger owes to the driver automatically based on the mileage. It’s your responsibility to settle the payment with your driver. To help you with that, read our blog post on money-sharing apps.

Overall, this app will help you dodge traffic as it develops in real time. Just try it out and have fun while you’re at it!

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