Preparation for a new semester starts when you first register for classes. However, there is much you can do in a few weeks before the semester begins or even in the first few weeks of school. When you feel prepared, it reduces your stress level and helps you feel the excitement of the first school days. Here is another article of how to start a new semester strongly.

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Below are seven simple yet important steps to prepare for the new semester:

  1. Create a balanced schedule. It is generally not a good idea to overburden yourself with too many courses, especially if you are taking more than one upper-level course. 15 credits per semester is a safe ballpark. Take into account your other commitments, such as involvement in clubs, student organizations, volunteering or sports. A balanced schedule would mix courses that are relevant to your major with general education courses. Dnp buy online uk
  2. Set your semester goals. The beginning of a semester is a good time to introduce new healthy habits into your life. What do you want to accomplish this semester, academically and personally? What would be the very best outcome for this semester? What would you do this semester if you knew you couldn’t fail? How are you going to track your progress? Why is this goal important to you? How are you going to celebrate when this goal is accomplished? In this article, we created a printable worksheet that walks you through the process of setting SMART semester goals, identifying resources you already have and resources you will need to cultivate in order to reach your goals.
  3. Organize course information for each class. Start a folder for each class. Place there your course syllabi as soon as you get them. Go over important information and create an information sheet for each class. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to create Course-At-A-Glance sheet. Check out our new Etsy shop and take advantage of the Beginning-of-Semester Sale. We highly recommend our fully editable Semester Planning Kits and Class Planning Kits. Choose from two attractive designs and get everything you need to stay on top of your schoolwork throughout this semester.
  4. Purchase or rent required textbooks. Having your textbooks by the first days of classes will help you make sure that you stay on top of the assigned reading and homework right from the start.
  5. Join a club or student organization. There are many benefits of being a part of a club or an organization that is relevant for your major or your personal interests. In this article, we list 7 major reasons of joining an academic or non-academic organization.
  6. Have a self-care plan. Exercise and social life are the best de-stressors. Consider, taking up a new sport or physical activity. Find a running buddy or a friend who enjoys the same sport. Make plans to have regular weekly or bi-weekly practice. In this article, we share helpful tips on how to stay active when you don’t have time.
  7. Create a Meal Plan. Take care of your grocery shopping and meal prep before the first week of classes. Here is a brief guide on where to start.

Wishing you all an exciting and productive Fall semester!

TAM Team

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