Student life can feel like the busiest life on earth. Continuously absorbing new information and expanding your knowledge base requires energy. At times, we can feel drained and lifeless. How can you find the time and, more importantly, energy to pull yourself to exercise? If you relate to this issue, I propose as a first step to shift the goal from adding regular exercise to your schedule to just maintaining an active lifestyle. It implies making small adjustments to your daily routine without disrupting your overall timeline. Here is how you can start.


1. Daily Activities

Every morning, we take a shower. It takes time for water to heat up. Take this time to complete a set of jumping jacks, burpees, or any other high intensity exercise. The article in The New York Times Well blog cites recent research that finds that one minute of strenuous exercise is “as successful at improving health and fitness” as 45 minutes of moderate exertion. A short warm-up will get your heart pumping blood faster, bringing oxygen to every cell of your body.

2. Spread Your Meals to Increase Metabolism

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One way to do it is to prepare five or six separate meals that are smaller in size. Ain’t nobody got time for that! Another option is to continue eating the same way, but to stop when half of your regular meal is finished. Eat the other half in a few hours. Research suggests that eating every three or four hours is optimal.

As opposed to skipping meals and having long break between meals, this approach will help your body increase metabolism and digest your food better. Of course, you can also set your meal plan so that you consume less carbs in the evenings and more in the mornings, add some protein, and introduce other healthy eating habits.

3. School Work

While you are completing your homework, reading a book, or writing an essay, make a conscious choice to use your body in addition to using your mind. For example, it’s very comfortable to read a book laying down. However, someone with an active lifestyle might read it sitting on a balance ball. Sitting on a balance ball seamlessly trains all the front and back core muscles. Plus, toned back muscles lead to a better posture, which in turn leads to a different perception of you.

4. Moving Around Campus

  • Taking the stairs instead of an elevator is a winning strategy.
  • Get yourself a bike. Riding a bike is an excellent exercise. It also takes you to your destination faster. Instead of walking for 15 minutes, you could be there in 5 on a bike and then spend extra 10 minutes just riding your bike. Biking is a more efficient exercise than just walking.

5. Social Life

  • Become a part of a social club with a double purpose. It is common knowledge that being a part of social clubs as a student will have positive benefits for you in the future. From an employer’s perspective, it is perceived as an evidence of being able to contribute to a cause that is bigger than yourself and show commitment and a level of maturity.
  • Research tournaments that are held on campus or across campuses based on your interests and skills. You might find regular tournaments in badminton, tennis, ping-pong, volleyball, and other non-major sports. Then, you will have the motivation to train to qualify for the tournament and later to practice for it with your teammates. It is also something that you can put on your resume later, and use to expand your social circle and complete your workout at the same time.
  • Engage your friends into active hangouts. What kind of friends do you have? Do they often suggest going to a bar? Then, suggest going to a nightclub instead. Do you and friends enjoy picnics or studying outside? Suggest doing yoga or playing badminton for 15 minutes after you’re done studying.


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Working out can be difficult when you are feeling drained. In fact, our body movement and energy level are interconnected. As we are consistently more active, we have more energy and can create even more active moments in our lives. To get your new healthy habits going, read our post on How to Set Up a Home Gym Under $200. We hope this article can start you up on building a lifestyle of a great athlete.

Share your experience with developing an active lifestyle for yourself in the comments below. Good luck and do yourself a favor and stay active!

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