Across all industries, prospects that are open, engaging, and sociable tend to be preferred by hiring committees. High demand for these traits are mostly bad news for introverts. Being stereotyped, introverts are often labeled as shy, indecisive, and remote. In this post, we would like to clear away some of the misconceptions about the main characteristics and behavioral patterns of introverts. In addition, we include several approaches for helping an introvert have a happier social life.

Who is An Introvert?

In short, introverts are people who can have fun alone. It also means that their Life Force Energy, Chi, Stamina, HP, or however you want to call it, is being generated from within. On the other hand, extroverts mostly fill up their life energy from the outside world.

Understanding yourself, as well as every other person in the world, is an important task for an introvert. If you want to learn more about yourself, we recommend the OCEAN personality test that has recently received a lot of publicity after Das Magazin investigation of the use of big data in social media profiles. The OCEAN personality test is available here.

Introverts’ Strengths

Every personality has its strengths and weaknesses. To get the most out of your personality, it is best to highlight its strengths and minimize its weaknesses. When it comes to strengths, introverts are impeccable listeners, writers, creative thinkers, and problem solvers. At the same time, if you have an introvert in your life, make sure they know the reasons you appreciate them.

How to understand and empower an introvert?

How To Have a Better Social Life: An Introvert’s Guide

1. Choose the Right Activities

If you are an introvert, sign up for group activities instead of events that are focused on conversations. For example, going to the movies, taking a cooking class, doing yoga in the park, or participating in a marathon are great options. You got the idea. Doing something together allows you to be in control of how much you want to open up and provides the feeling of togetherness.

2. Networking

Luckily, one of the qualities of an introvert includes being prepared. Let’s turn the uncomfortable and awkward communication into a successful project! Set goals that you would like to achieve during an event. Review the attendees list and plan a few conversations. Prepare conversation fillers suitable for your goal.

In addition, it is all right to take a break during the event. Nobody will notice if you step out for 5 minutes. Moreover, as you step out you might stumble upon similar people and have a deeper conversation behind the scenes.

3. Fake It Till You Make It

Mimicking extroverts’ traits, such as sharing stories about themselves and engaging others, is a temporary solution. Have a few stories in mind that are relevant to the crowd. Apply them when needed to let other people feel that you fit in and are comfortable in their presence. To feel more confident telling the stories, you might practice telling it to your close friend first.

List of Successful Introverts

Introverts are responsible for many remarkable achievements throughout history. Here is a list of 23 most successful introverts, including Albert Einstein, Bill Gates, and Barack Obama.

Blonde woman is kayaking in the lake with mountains on the background. Quote by Oscar Wilde reads 'Be yourself, everyone else is already taken'


Being an extroverted or introverted person doesn’t define anyone. Know your strengths and weaknesses, rely on your strengths, and always be yourself!

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