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07 May 2021

Current Class



Here I will provide all the links that I find or students share with me and explain each of the link’s content.

SAM 365 & 2016 Assessments, Trainings, and Projects Printed Access Card with Access to 1 MindTap Reader for 6 months

This is the most popular item.

It has one code to access SAM + one code for ebook. Overall, two books can be accessed in SAM for our class. Whichever book the student will apply the code first,  will use up the code. Usually, students select the Fundamentals of Information Systems book, because quizzes are based on it.

More instructions: To view the ebook students will go through a standard process where a MindTap Reader code will be required. In general, in our SAM class students can view zero, one, or two ebooks. Each ebook requires one MindTap Reader code and can be used for any one of the two books. Students can decide whichever book they want to use it for.

Fundamentals of Information Systems from Amazon
This is a link to an 8th edition of the Fundamentals of Information Systems book. Consider the rental option as well.

New book is around $112, used is $30, and rental is around $19.

ePack from Cengage website for $140

This item will provide access to trainings and exams in SAM, includes 2 loose-leaf books, and the same 2 books in the digital format. The access codes to SAM and both ebooks will be emailed to students immediately after the purchase.

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