Internet contains answers to any question. Social media are full of all kinds of information, from breaking news to Game of Thrones reviews and to hot celebrity gossip. It’s so easy to postpone what you’ve been working on, just because a friend just shared the most adorable cat video on Facebook.

If you don’t want to be a victim of circumstances, we recommend that you gear up with the best software resources for blocking the Internet and boosting your ability to concentrate. Here is a list of 7 helpful productivity tools. Some of them are free, and others require a small monthly or annual subscription fee.

Blocking Websites on Your Device

1. Freedom

This amazing software can run as a web application when you use your browser. It blocks websites and apps that you want to block on your computer, tablet, or phone. Another advantage is an option to add multiple devices and create scheduled sessions across all devices. You can get started with seven free sessions. After the trial period, it’s $6.99 a month with monthly subscription or $2.42 a month with annual subscription.

Web, Mac, PC, iOS

Price: $6.99 or $2.42 a month

2. Self-Control

It is praised to be the best application for blocking certain websites. Simply adding websites to The Blacklist and setting a timer does the job. And you can’t change your mind later. Restarting your device or deleting the application will not be enough to unblock those websites.


Price: Free

3. Focus Booster

This app’s main objective is to focus on a task instead of reducing destructions. Users can list their tasks and work through them in 25-minute increments, which is also known as the Pomodoro Technique. Focus Booster will track your activity and create daily productivity graphs.

PC, Mac

Price: Free, or $5 per month for a Professional version 

4. Focus Lock

This app is excellent for those who can’t put their phone away. Simply add distracting apps into the list and set the timer. The apps won’t be available for the time period you specified.


Price: Free

Blocking Websites Through Your Browser

5. StayFocusd for Chrome

StayFocusd works by creating time-wasting periods, during which all or only some websites will be accessible.

Price: Free

6. LeechBlock for Firefox

LeechBlock lets its users create six lists of websites and setup various allowed times for them.

Price: Free

7. Mindful Browsing for Safari

Mindful Browsing will show a pop up every time user is trying to access a blocked website.

Price: Free

Who said finding focus is easy? That is why it’s important to use all available resources to create the conditions you need to concentrate and work efficiently. We hope this list will help you check off all your to-do items from your list every single day.

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