20 Jul 2019

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The Four Conditions To Increase Your Motivation 

I’ve heard expressions like “I need more motivation” and “I just don’t have enough motivation to do this” many times. And I’m sure you have heard them too. Of course, it would be nice to wake up, get a cup of motivation, and go on with your day. Unfortunately, this is not how it works. Motivation is not something we can get. Let me explain what I mean.

Student Life

Top 7 Reasons to Join A Student Organization 

Participation in student organizations and clubs is extremely beneficial both in the short- and in the long-run. Research has supported the idea that students who are engaged with their college community are more likely to complete their degrees and find desired employment.

In this article, I list 7 major benefits of participating in academic or non-academic student organizations. Consider these benefits of joining a student organization while getting your degree. Then research opportunities available on your campus and choose an organization that will support you in achieving your personal, academic, and career objectives.