19 Aug 2019


At, our mission is to create, maintain, and share information about tools and resources that help college students to succeed in their studies and personal life. We publish weekly articles on how to improve your productivity, manage your finances, and live a fulfilling life as a college student.

Tanya Ince

Tanya Ince is a money coach and business consultant. She earned her Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Houston in 2008 and taught Economics at Emory University and Appalachian State University. She is passionate about teaching young adults how to manage their personal finances, pay out college debt, and save money. She writes about financial planning strategies and academic success tips.

Anastasia Golovko

Anastasia Golovko is an Adjunct Professor of Technology at the University of Houston and a web-developer and CEO at Texites, a Houston-based web-design and marketing company. She earned her M.A. in Economics at the University of Houston in 2010. She is passionate about education and technology, and writes about how to create productive work and life habits in an increasingly fast-paced digital age.

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